KSHSAA Music Festival - 2022 State Large Group
Iola High School - Wed. - Apr. 13, 2022
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
7:35a 8:00a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance ACHS Concert Band
Garnett-Anderson Co. — Band
[3067] Sevens
Songs of Earth, Water, Fire, and Sky - Robert W. Smith
7:55a 8:20a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Burlington HS Concert Band
Burlington — Band
[3532] Amazing Grace
Declaration Overture- Claude T. Smith
8:15a 8:40a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Central Hts. Concert Band
Richmond-Central Heights — Band
[3604] Allied Honor
Red Giant - Vargas
8:40a 9:00a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Madison HS Choir
Madison — Mixed Chorus
[38] Homeward Bound
I Will Lift my Voice and Sing! by Victor C. Johnson
8:35a 9:00a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Osawatomie HS Concert Band
Osawatomie — Band
[3496] If Thou Be Near
On the Banks of Prairie River, Barry Kopetz
8:55a 9:15a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Paola Varsity Choir
Paola — Mixed Chorus
[4511] Jambo
[4283] Glow
Idumea - Arr. Richard Bjella
8:55a 9:20a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance West Franklin HS Band
Pomona-West Franklin — Band
[2789] Canto
March to Nowhere - Nelhybel
9:10a 9:30a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Chamber Choir
Ottawa — Mixed Chorus
[4610] Stomp on the Fire
[4529] Let the Music Fill Your Soul
Agnus Dei (Requiem) - Althouse
9:15a 9:40a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Waverly HS Band
Waverly — Band
[4555] Charter Point
Hillside March - Standridge
9:25a 9:45a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Central Hts. Mixed Choir
Richmond-Central Heights — Mixed Chorus
[4185] Sonatemi un Balletto
The Old Mill - Riggs
9:55a 10:15a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Osawatomie Concert Choir
Osawatomie — Mixed Chorus
[222] Cloths of Heaven, The
[622] How Can I Keep from Singing?
Ching-A-Ring Chaw - Copland
9:50a 10:15a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Wellsville HS Band
Wellsville — Band
[3604] Allied Honor
Cathedral - Erickson
10:10a 10:30a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance West Franklin HS Choir
Pomona-West Franklin — Mixed Chorus
[4429] After the Storm
What Tomorrow Brings - Albrecht & Althouse
10:10a 10:35a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Lebo HS Band
Lebo — Band
[3476] Hymn For Band, A
Spania, Shaffer
10:25p 10:45a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Hayden Singers
Topeka-Hayden — Mixed Chorus
[4522] Jubilate Deo
[4579] Run, Mary, Run
Stars Tonight
10:40a 11:00a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Paola Concert Choir
Paola — Mixed Chorus II
[4081] And This Shall Be For Music
Agnus Dei - Arr. Michael John Trotta
10:55a 11:15a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance Treble Choir
Ottawa — Treble Choir
[4622] Truth
Set Me As A Seal - Tippette
10:50a 11:15a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Wabaunsee HS Band
Alma-Wabaunsee — Band
[2685] Fireworks Music
Russian Chorale and Overture
11:10a 11:30a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance SL Concert Choir
Silver Lake — Mixed Chorus
[4476] Gloria
Banks of Doon-Schulz
11:10a 11:35a IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Rossville Band
Rossville — Band
[2805] Covington Square
Arioso - Darren Jenkins
11:25a 11:45a FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance LHS Concert Choir
Louisburg — Mixed Chorus II
[760] Tutto lo di mi dici
The Seal Lullaby
12:40p 1:00p FPCoI Sanctuary Choir Performance LHS Select Choir
Louisburg — Mixed Chorus
[781] Ye Followers of the Lamb
[4347] Way Over in Beulah Lan'
The Stars Stand Up In The Air
12:35p 1:00p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Silver Lake Concert Band
Silver Lake — Band
[4624] Into the Clouds
Down by the Salley Gardens
12:55p 1:20p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Prairie View HS Band
LaCygne-Prairie View — Band
[4235] Our Heritage
They Led My Lord Away - Gordon/Allen
1:15p 1:40p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance St. Marys HS Band
St. Marys — Band
[2832] Hymnsong Variants
Arioso - Jenkins, Darren W
1:35p 2:00p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Hayden Concert Band
Topeka-Hayden — Band
[2780] Blue Ridge Saga
Fanfare for the Common Man
1:55p 2:20p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Ottawa HS Concert Band
Ottawa — Band
[3527] With Each Sunset
Overture for a Celebration - Steve Hodges
2:15p 2:40p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Paola HS Concert Band
Paola — Band
[4663] Roaring Run
Montana - Van der Roost
2:35p 3:00p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Louisburg HS Concert Band
Louisburg — Band
[4071] Trail of Tears
The Directorate - Sousa
2:55p 3:20p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance SFT HS Band
Carbondale-Santa Fe Trail — Band
[2807] Declaration Overture
Argentum- Standridge, Randal
3:14p 3:40p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Osage City Concert Band
Osage City — Band
[4607] Forge of Vulcan, The
A Childhood Hymn - Holsinger
3:35p 4:00p IHS 116 Gym-Inst. Performance Iola Concert Band
Iola — Band
[4641] Nettleton (Early American Hymn Tune)
Valdres, Concert March by Johannes Hanssen
Festival Performance Locations
FPCoI - First Presbyterian Church of Iola
IHS - Iola High School