KSHSAA Music Festival - 2024 State Large Group
Lawrence Public Schools - Thu. - Apr. 18, 2024
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
8:00a LHS 3 Auditorium Shawnee Hts. Philharmonic Orchestra
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights — Orchestra II
[3849] Declarations
Down by the Salley Gardens - Jim Palmer
8:00a LC 2 Auditorium Topeka High Symphonic Band
Topeka — Band II
[2832] Hymnsong Variants
Steal the Thunder - Rob Grice
8:20a LHS 3 Auditorium LHS Philharmonic Orchestra
Lawrence — Orchestra II
[2253] Overture to Nabucco
Jigs in the Mist by Stephan Chin
8:20a LC 2 Auditorium Highland Park HS Symphonic Band
Topeka-Highland Park — Band
[3997] Joy
Zacatecas - Codina, arr. Balent
8:30a FSHS 1 Auditorium Free State Combined Treble Choir
Lawrence-Free State — Treble Choir
[4135] I Am Not Yours
Kuimba Nafsi Yangu - Narverud
8:40a LHS 3 Auditorium Emporia HS Red Orchestra
Emporia — Orchestra II
[1599] Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance
Gypsy Baron Waltz - Strauss arr. by Isaac
8:45a FSHS 1 Auditorium Concert Choir
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Mixed Chorus II
[223] Come to the Music
Gaudeamus! - Mary Lynn Lightfoot
9:00a FSHS 1 Auditorium GEHS Treble Choir
Gardner Edgerton — Treble Choir
[4138] Muie Rendera
4135 - (Gr. 3) - I Am Not Yours - David N. Childs
9:00a LHS 3 Auditorium Shawnee Hts. Symphonic Orchestra
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights — Orchestra
[4558] 30,000 and Forever
Iditarod - Soon Hee Newbold
9:00a LC 2 Auditorium Topeka High Wind Ensemble
Topeka — Band
[3023] Kirkpatrick Fanfare
Choose Joy - Standridge
9:15a FSHS 1 Auditorium Free State Combined Bass Choir
Lawrence-Free State — Tenor/Bass
[4739] Dulaman
And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Nancy Hill Cobb
9:20a LC 2 Auditorium Topeka West Symphonic Band
Topeka West — Band
[3818] Irish Tune from County Derry
4608 - [Gr. 4] - Foundry - Mackey
9:20a LHS 3 Auditorium LHS Symphonic Orchestra
Lawrence — Orchestra
[1887] Serenade for Strings, Op. 22
Molly on the Shore by Percy Grainger
9:30a FSHS 1 Auditorium Chorale
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Mixed Chorus
[4618] Through Love to Light
[600] Flower of Beauty
In Remembrance - Ames
9:40a LC 2 Auditorium Seaman HS Symphonic Winds
Topeka-Seaman — Band II
[3456] Balladair
Call Of The Wild - Balmages
9:40a LHS 3 Auditorium Emporia HS Black Orchestra
Emporia — Orchestra
[1896] St. Paul's Suite
Adagio from Symphony no. 2 - Sergei Rachmaninoff, arr. by Robert Longfield
9:45a FSHS 1 Auditorium GEHS Mixed Choir
Gardner Edgerton — Mixed Chorus
[4196] Cantate Domino
[583] Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord
4133 - (Gr. 3) - Where Your Bare Foot Walks - David N.Childs
10:00a FSHS 1 Auditorium Free State Chamber Choir
Lawrence-Free State — Mixed Chorus
[4683] Little Man In a Hurry
[1115] Three Motets 3. Beati quorum via
Ambe - Andrew Balfour
10:20a LC 2 Auditorium Mill Valley Concert Band
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Band II
[3645] Zia, Zia
10:20a LHS 3 Auditorium Highland Park HS Orchestra
Topeka-Highland Park — Orchestra
[1657] Serenade in D Major, Op. 11 - Scherzo
Vortex by Robert Longfield
10:30a FSHS 1 Auditorium Manhattan HS Chamber Choir
Manhattan — Mixed Chorus
[4796] Sing Me to Heaven
[1090] Reincarnations 3. Mary Hynes
Ya Basta (Regan)
10:40a LHS 3 Auditorium Washburn Rural Symphony Orchestra
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Orchestra II
[4705] Ariso
Epic Adventure - Kathryn Griesinger
10:40a LC 2 Auditorium Emporia Symphonic Band
Emporia — Band
[3446] Air for Band
Denbridge Way - James Swearingen
10:45a FSHS 1 Auditorium LHS Festival Tenor/Bass Choir
Lawrence — Tenor/Bass
[4743] Flying Solo
Wir haben ihn gesehen - Beethoven
11:00a FSHS 1 Auditorium Varsity Chorus
Salina-South — Mixed Chorus
[4745] Gift to Sing, The
[4737] Dominus Vobiscum
Blessed Be tthe Name o the Lord
11:00a LC 2 Auditorium Seaman HS Wind Ensemble
Topeka-Seaman — Band
[3067] Sevens
Phoenix Rekindled - Baugher
11:00a LHS 3 Auditorium JCHS Chamber Orchestra
Junction City — Orchestra
[4561] Acrobats
New World Symphony - Antonin Dvorak arranged by Deborah Baker Monday
11:15a FSHS 1 Auditorium Shawnee Hts. Combined Choirs
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights — Mixed Chorus
[715] Shenandoah
[4195] Home on the Range
The Awakening by J. Martin
11:20a LHS 3 Auditorium Concert Orchestra
Topeka West — Orchestra
[4736] To Tame The Raging Rapids
Hydrangea- Yukiko Nishimura
11:20a LC 2 Auditorium Symphonic Band
Lawrence-Free State — Band II
[3064] Sea Songs
Bamboo Warrior - Christina Huss
11:30a FSHS 1 Auditorium LHS Festival Treble Choir
Lawrence — Treble Choir
[4742] Flight
Vichten - Arsenault/arr. Hart Rouge
11:40a LC 2 Auditorium Mill Valley Symphonic Band
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Band
[4491] Heartbeat Five
11:40a LHS 3 Auditorium Washburn Rural Chamber Orchestra
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Orchestra
[3867] Fantasia in F
Apocalyptic (Symphony No. 8, Finale) - Anton Bruckner, arr. Kirk Moss
11:45a FSHS 1 Auditorium Robed Choir
Topeka — Mixed Chorus
[4124] Domaredansen
[4107] Red, Red Rose, A
Gloria Patri - Schubert, arr. Liebergen
1:00p FSHS 1 Auditorium LHS A Cappella Choir
Lawrence — Mixed Chorus
[1005] Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder (from "Trois Chansons")
[719] Sing Unto God
Bogoroditse Devo - Rachmaninoff
1:00p LC 2 Auditorium Wind Ensemble
Junction City — Band
[4053] Symphony No. 4
Astra by Katajh Copley
1:00p LHS 3 Auditorium Seaman HS Orchestra
Topeka-Seaman — Orchestra
[4729] Reverie
Allegro from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 1 - Handel, G.F., arr. Sandra Dackow
1:15p FSHS 1 Auditorium EHS Chorale
Emporia — Mixed Chorus
[4151] Ubi Caritas
[707] Red, Red Rose, A
Wade in th
1:20p LHS 3 Auditorium Salina South String Orchestra
Salina-South — Orchestra
[4577] Arlington Sketches
Danny Boy - arr. Harry Alshin
1:20p LC 2 Auditorium Concert Band
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights — Band II
[2789] Canto
Ancient Flower - Nishimura
1:30p FSHS 1 Auditorium Topeka West Concert Choir
Topeka West — Mixed Chorus
[4745] Gift to Sing, The
[4744] Fyer, Fyer, My Heart
Locus Iste - Bruckner
1:40p LHS 3 Auditorium Gardner Edgerton Philharmonic Orchestra
Gardner Edgerton — Orchestra II
[1697] Symphony No. 8 in G Major - Finale
4737 - Zephyrus - Parrish, Todd
1:40p LC 2 Auditorium Symphonic Band
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Band II
[2998] Festivo
'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime - arr. McGinty
1:45p FSHS 1 Auditorium Choir Foundations
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Mixed Chorus II
[4510] Jambo
Over the Sea to Skye - Emerson
2:00p LHS 3 Auditorium FSHS Philharmonic Orchestra
Lawrence-Free State — Orchestra II
[4686] Water Reflections
The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky arr. Bob Lipton
2:15p FSHS 1 Auditorium JC Singers
Junction City — Mixed Chorus II
[1001] Daemon irrepit callidus
I am Not Yours - Stroope
2:20p LC 2 Auditorium Wind Ensemble
Lawrence — Band
[3159] Chorale and Shaker Dance
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
2:20p LHS 3 Auditorium Topeka High Concert String Orchestra
Topeka — Orchestra II
[2106] Pavane (pour une Infante dufunte
Journey of the Tall Ships - Stephen Chin
2:30p FSHS 1 Auditorium Grace Notes
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Treble Choir
[827] Hotaru Koi (Ho, Firefly)
Can You Hear - Papoulis, Jim
2:40p LHS 3 Auditorium Gardner Edgerton Chamber Orchestra
Gardner Edgerton — Orchestra
[4673] Allegro Moderato (from Symphony No. 3)
3863 - Birch Bay Celebration, A - Meyer, Richard
2:40p LC 2 Auditorium Symphonic Band
Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights — Band
[3552] Lux Aurumque
Unraveling - Boysen
2:45p FSHS 1 Auditorium Topeka West Treble Choir
Topeka West — Treble Choir
[4593] Sing Alleluia, Sing
The Dreams of the Dreamer - Tippette
3:00p FSHS 1 Auditorium Junction City Chamber Choir
Junction City — Mixed Chorus
[4734] Circa Mea
[4746] Gift to Sing, The
Unity - Kurt Knect
3:00p LHS 3 Auditorium FSHS Symphonic Orchestra
Lawrence-Free State — Orchestra
[1888] Serenade for Strings, Op. 48
Romance by Gerald Finzi
3:00p LC 2 Auditorium Wind Ensemble
Topeka-Washburn Rural — Band
[3564] Song for Lindsay
Africa: Ceremony, Song, and Ritual -RW Smith
3:15p FSHS 1 Auditorium Jag Chorale
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Mixed Chorus
[785] Zion's Walls
[4676] Hela Rotan
Dance for Love - Stroope, Z. Randall
3:20p LHS 3 Auditorium Topeka High Premier String Orchestra
Topeka — Orchestra
[2265] Rhosymedre
St. Paul's Suite, Finale - Gustav Holst
3:30p FSHS 1 Auditorium Concert Choir
Topeka-Seaman — Mixed Chorus
[4178] I'se the B'y
[224] Come, Ye Sons of Art
Ain't No Windin' in the Road - Gilpin
3:40p LC 2 Auditorium Gardner Edgerton HS Symphonic Band
Gardner Edgerton — Band II
[4608] Foundry
Come Thou Font of Every Blessing - arr. Randall Standridge
4:00p LC 2 Auditorium Wind Ensemble
Lawrence-Free State — Band
[3185] Exultate
Ross Roy - Jacob de Haan
4:20p LC 2 Auditorium Gardner Edgerton HS Wind Ensemble
Gardner Edgerton — Band
[3545] Dusk
Elements - Balmages
Festival Performance Locations
FSHS - Free State High School
LC - Lied Center
LHS - Lawrence High School