KSHSAA Music Festival - 2022 State Large Group
Buhler High School - Wed. - Apr. 13, 2022
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
7:45a 8:00a BHS Old Gym Concert Choir
Garden Plain — Mixed Chorus
[4290] Omnia Sol
Bella Ciao--Estes, J
7:40a 8:00a BHS Auditorium Buhler Symphonic Band
Buhler — Band II
[3697] Black Horse Troop, The
Seven Hills Overture
8:00a 8:15a BHS Old Gym Concert Choir
Whitewater-Remington — Mixed Chorus
[274] Inscription of Hope
Music in the Air
8:00a 8:20a BHS Auditorium Buhler HS Wind Ensemble
Buhler — Band
[4225] One Life Beautiful
Homage to Barat
8:15a 8:30a BHS Old Gym Chorale
Haven — Mixed Chorus
[241] For the Beauty of the Earth
Song of Ruth - David Childs
8:20a 8:40a BHS Auditorium PBHS Concert Band
Peabody-Burns — Band
[3604] Allied Honor
Home on the Range- arr. Barnes
8:30a 8:45a BHS Old Gym Cheney HS Adv. Choir
Cheney — Mixed Chorus
[238] Festival Sanctus
I'm Going Home
8:45a 9:00a BHS Old Gym BHS Treble Choir
Buhler — Treble Choir
[829] How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps
Song of the Brook - Schubert
8:40a 9:00a BHS Auditorium Sedgwick Wind Ensemble
Sedgwick — Band
[2822] Flight of the Thunderbird
Suite from The Planets
9:00a 9:15a BHS Old Gym Berean Singers
Elbing-Berean Academy — Mixed Chorus
[284] Majesty and Glory of Your Name, The
Sing Praises - L. Stanley Glarum
9:00a 9:20a BHS Auditorium Halstead Concert Band
Halstead — Band
[4532] Amparito Roca
Two Movements from Lincolnshire Posy by Grainger, arr. Sweeney
9:15a 9:30a BHS Old Gym Rocketaires
Rose Hill — Mixed Chorus
[986] Battle of Jericho, The
[236] Esto les Digo
Fire - Gimon
9:20a 9:40a BHS Auditorium Remington Concert Band
Whitewater-Remington — Band
[2907] Three Ayres from Gloucester
The Great Locomotive Chase - Robert W. Smith
9:30a 9:45a BHS Old Gym BHS Tenor/Bass Choir
Buhler — Tenor/Bass
[4208] Bound for Jubilee
The Vagabond - R. Vaughn Wiliams
9:40a 10:00a BHS Auditorium Hesston HS Concert Band
Hesston — Band
[3505] On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss
Pacifica - Naoya Wada
10:00a 10:15a BHS Old Gym BHS Varsity Choir
Buhler — Mixed Chorus
[1001] Daemon irrepit callidus
[4280] Dies Irae
The Cloths of Heaven - Stroope
10:00a 10:20a BHS Auditorium Concert Band
Haven — Band
[3482] As Summer Was Just Beginning
Waltz No. 2 - Dmitri Shostakovich
10:15a 10:30a BHS Old Gym Goddard High Treble Choir
Goddard — Treble Choir
[4358] Er ist gekommen
I Will Be A Child of Peace - Elaine Hagenberg
10:20a 10:40a BHS Auditorium Concert Band
Elbing-Berean Academy — Band
[2901] Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron, The
3539 - [Gr. 4] - Beautiful Savior - Swearingen
10:30a 10:45a BHS Old Gym Wichita Trinity Academy Concert Choir
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Mixed Chorus II
[4100] Al Shlosha D'varim
Gloria - Haydn
10:45a 11:00a BHS Old Gym Goddard High Tenor/Bass Choir
Goddard — Tenor/Bass
[4140] I Cannot Count The Stars
Empty - Takach
10:40a 11:00a BHS Auditorium Wichita Collegiate Upper School Concert Band
Wichita-Collegiate — Band
[4475] Lighting Field
Fantasy on a Theme by Sousa - Andrew Boysen, Jr.
11:00a 11:15a BHS Old Gym Wichita Trinity Academy Madrigals
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Mixed Chorus
[271] I'll Say ItAnyway
[4318] i carry your heart with me
The Old Church - Paulus
11:00a 11:20a BHS Auditorium Cheney HS Band
Cheney — Band
[2822] Flight of the Thunderbird
Prestissimo - King arr. Swearingen
11:15a 11:30a BHS Old Gym Goddard High Concert Choir
Goddard — Mixed Chorus
[4125] I Am Not Yours
[622] How Can I Keep from Singing?
Ritmo - Dan Davison
11:20a 11:40a BHS Auditorium Andale HS Concert Band
Andale — Band
[2836] Into The Storm
Call to Victory -Karl King are. James Swearingen
11:30a 11:45a BHS Old Gym Andover Treble Choir
Andover — Treble Choir
[823] Heart, We Will Forget Him
Ave Maria - Beibl SSAA/SSA
11:45a 12:00p BHS Old Gym Andover Central HS Chorale
Andover-Central — Mixed Chorus
[4567] Only in Sleep
[565] Awakening, The
622 - [Gr. 3] - How Can I Keep From Singing - Walker
12:00p 12:15p BHS Old Gym Andover Combined Choir
Andover — Mixed Chorus
[4595] Sing On! Dance On!
[4331] Fare Thee Well Love
Domine Fili Unigenite - Vivaldi, arr. Liebergen
12:40p 1:00p BHS Auditorium Rose Hill Concert Band
Rose Hill — Band
[4504] Urban Dances
O Nata Lux
1:20p BHS Auditorium Circle HS Concert Band
Towanda-Circle — Band
[3604] Allied Honor
Sunchaser - Carol Britten Chambers
1:15p 1:30p BHS Old Gym Hesston High TB Choir
Hesston — Tenor/Bass
[1221] Prayer of the Children
Poor Man Lazarus - Jester Hairston
1:20p 1:40p BHS Auditorium Andover Central Concert Band
Andover-Central — Band II
[4571] Darklands March
Declaration Overture
1:03p 1:45p BHS Old Gym Halstead Soprano/ Alto Choir
Halstead — Treble Choir
[4549] No Time
In You I Found- Farnell
1:45p 2:00p BHS Old Gym Hesston High Treble Choir
Hesston — Treble Choir
[866] There Is Sweet Music Here
Come Now My Dearest Jewel - Thomas Weelkes
1:40p 2:00p BHS Auditorium Andover Central Symphonic Band
Andover-Central — Band
[4504] Urban Dances
Florentiner March-Fucik/Bourgeois
2:00p 2:15p BHS Old Gym Halstead Mass Choir
Halstead — Mixed Chorus
[4548] My Very Own
Festival Sanctus- Leavitt
2:00p 2:20p BHS Auditorium Trinity Academy Knight Noise Concert Band
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Band
[3505] On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss
Fairest of the Fair- Sousa, arr. Balent
2:15p 2:30p BHS Old Gym Hesston High Mixed Choir
Hesston — Mixed Chorus
[4499] In Remembrance
Cantate Domino - Arr. Leavitt
2:20p 2:40p BHS Auditorium Goddard HS Orchestra
Goddard — Orchestra
[4543] Incantations
A Ballad of Inis Mor by Doug Spata
2:30p 2:45p BHS Old Gym Treble Choir
Andale — Treble Choir
[4117] Seal Lullaby
When I Think of You - Farnell
2:45p 3:00p BHS Old Gym WCS Women's Chorus
Wichita-Collegiate — Treble Choir
[4413] Weep No More
Beauty - Tucker Courtney
2:40p 3:00p BHS Auditorium Andover Concert Band
Andover — Band II
[2782] Bridgeview Overture
Nightsong - Richard Saucedo
3:00p 3:15p BHS Old Gym Tenor/Bass Choir
Andale — Tenor/Bass
[966] Vive l'amour
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (from "Frostiana")
3:00p 3:20p BHS Auditorium Goddard HS Symphonic Band
Goddard — Band
[3539] Beautiful Savior
3:15p 3:30p BHS Old Gym WCS Festival Chorus
Wichita-Collegiate — Mixed Chorus
[4288] I Will Arise and Make Music
Bella Ciao - Estes
3:20p 3:40p BHS Auditorium Andover Symphonic Band
Andover — Band
[3326] Vesuvius
Cenotaph - Jack Stamp
3:30p 3:45p BHS Old Gym Mixed Chorus
Towanda-Circle — Mixed Chorus II
[4269] Never Seek to Tell Thy Love
Jubilate, Alleluia!- Mary Lyn Lightfoot
3:45p 4:00p BHS Old Gym Chamber Singers
Andale — Mixed Chorus
[1129] Witness
[4334] Northern LIghts
Dirait-on - Lauridsen
4:00p 4:15p BHS Old Gym Acapella Choir
Towanda-Circle — Mixed Chorus
[717] Sicut Cervus
[4599] Sisi Ni Moja
Now Thank We All Our God- Mark Hayes
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BHS - Buhler High School