KSHSAA Music Festival - 2024 State Large Group
Atchison Middle School - Thu. - Apr. 18, 2024
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
8:00a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Atchison HS Concert Band
Atchison — Band
[3645] Zia, Zia
On The Banks...- Matt Conaway
8:20a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Doniphan West 7-12 Band
Highland-Doniphan West — Band
[3459] Dark Fortress
March Chromatica - Williams
8:30a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Atchison Co. Mixed Chorus
Effingham-Atchison Co. Comm. — Mixed Chorus
[4426] 900 Miles
A Choral Flourish
8:40a AMS Auditorium Band Performance 7-12 Band
Troy — Band
[4429] Banks of the Delaware
Black Hawk March-Jack Bullock
8:45a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Cyclone Choir
Wathena-Riverside — Mixed Chorus
[785] Zion's Walls
Beyond the Years - Mark Patterson
9:00a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Jefferson West HS Choir
Meriden-Jefferson West — Mixed Chorus
[4286] Hold Fast to Dreams
Hands Are Knockin' , Kyle Pederson, SAB
9:00a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Concert Band
Winchester-Jefferson Co. North — Band
[2836] Into The Storm
3446 - [Gr. 3] - Air for Band - Erickson
9:15a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Holton Mixed Choir
Holton — Mixed Chorus
[4510] Jambo
[263] How Excellent Thy Name
Autumn Vesper, arranged Jacob Narverud
9:20a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Atchison Co. Comm. HS Tiger Band
Effingham-Atchison Co. Comm. — Band
[2667] Celtic Air and Dance No. 2
The Brandenburg Gate - Johnnie Vinson
9:30a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Centralia HS Choir
Centralia — Mixed Chorus
[4208] Bound for Jubilee
The Turtle Dove- Linda Steen Spevacek
9:40a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Jackson Hts. Cobra Band
Holton-Jackson Heights — Band
[4677] Spania
Fields of Clover by Randall Standridge
9:45a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Mission Valley Choir
Eskridge-Mission Valley — Mixed Chorus
[4426] 900 Miles
Let Me Ride arr. by Roger Emerson
10:00a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance HS Choir
Topeka-Cair Paravel Latin — Mixed Chorus
[4577] Ritmo
Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers -- Takach
10:20a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Jefferson West Concer tBand
Meriden-Jefferson West — Band
[3505] On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss
Siege-Randall Standridge
10:30a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance THS Treble/Bass Choir
Tonganoxie — Tenor/Bass
[911] Down in the Valley
The Wellerman - Narverud, J
10:40a AMS Auditorium Band Performance St. Marys HS Band
St. Marys — Band
[4641] Nettleton (Early American Hymn Tune)
Delaware Valley Celebration-Darren W. Jenkins
10:45a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Riverside Concert Choir
Wathena-Riverside — Mixed Chorus II
[4836] Come By Here
Ad Astra - Jacob Narverud
11:00a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Atchison Co. Girls Chorus
Effingham-Atchison Co. Comm. — Treble Choir
[456] Three Spanish Ballades 2. Moon Song
Shady Grove
11:00a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Hiawatha HS Concert Band
Hiawatha — Band
[4578] Down by the Salley Gardens
Where the Wild Things Dance
11:15a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Holton Women's Ensemble
Holton — Treble Choir
[4191] Dubula
We Sing of Love, J. Reese Norris
11:20a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Royal Valley HS Band
Hoyt-Royal Valley — Band
[2814] Encanto
Zia Zia - Claude T. Smith
11:30a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance HS Gentlemen
Topeka-Cair Paravel Latin — Tenor/Bass
[4782] O Sing to the Lord
Stout-Hearted Men - Romberg
11:40a AMS Auditorium Band Performance Centralia Jr. High/HS Band
Centralia — Band
[3445] Childhood Hymn, A
Blazon- James Curnow
11:45a PC Sanctuary Choir Performance The Chieftain Singers
Tonganoxie — Mixed Chorus
[744] Tambur
[4834] Bend
Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117) - Davison, D
1:00p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance PLHS Singers
Perry-Lecompton — Mixed Chorus
[4209] When I Think of You
Festival Sanctus-Leavitt
1:00p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Sabetha HS Band
Sabetha — Band
[2893] Sparks
Seal Lullaby, The - Whitacre arr. Ambrose
1:15p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance THS Treble Choir
Tonganoxie — Treble Choir
[4588] Shine On Me
Things That Never Die - Johnson, V
1:20p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Horton HS Concert Band
Horton — Band
[2890] Shackelford Banks
Valdres - Hanssen arr. Smith
1:30p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Royal Valley Choirs
Hoyt-Royal Valley — Mixed Chorus
[5] Ave verum
"Old Mill" by Kenneth Riggs
1:40p AMS Auditorium Band Performance McLouth HS Symphonic Band
McLouth — Band
[2789] Canto
Miss Liberty March by King, arr. Swearingen
1:45p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Adrenaline
Atchison — Mixed Chorus
[4464] Dies Irae
[4286] Hold Fast to Dreams
Wondrous, cool thou woodland quiet. Op. 62, No. 3 Brahms
2:00p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance HS Ladies
Topeka-Cair Paravel Latin — Treble Choir
[4738] Down in the River to Pray
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind - Quartel
2:00p AMS Auditorium Band Performance PLHS Concert Band
Perry-Lecompton — Band
[2786] By the Rivers of Babylon
Coast Guard March
2:15p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Hiawatha Mixed Choir
Hiawatha — Mixed Chorus
[274] Inscription of Hope
O Mistress Mine, Where Are You Roaming? by Emma Lou Diemer
2:20p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Tonganoxie Symphonic Band
Tonganoxie — Band II
[2869] Out of the Shadows
Zia Zia
2:40p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Maranatha Christian Academy Concert Band
Shawnee-Maranatha Christian Academy — Band
[4557] Coast Guards March
The Light Eternal - Swearingen
2:45p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance PLHS Concert Choir
Perry-Lecompton — Mixed Chorus II
[4297] Sing to Me
Elijah and Joshua - arr. Albrecht
3:00p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Combined Charger Choir
Horton — Mixed Chorus
[238] Festival Sanctus
Light of Grace - Andy Beck
3:15p PC Sanctuary Choir Performance Sabetha Mixed Chorus
Sabetha — Mixed Chorus
[354] White Moon, The
3:20p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Holton Concert Band
Holton — Band
[4438] Rippling Watercolors
Rough Riders arr. by Swearingen
3:40p AMS Auditorium Band Performance Tonganoxie Wind Ensemble
Tonganoxie — Band
[2869] Out of the Shadows
Three Ayres From Gloucester
Festival Performance Locations
AMS - Atchison Middle School
PC - Presbyterian Church