KSHSAA Music Festival - 2022 State Large Group
Baldwin HS - Wed. - Apr. 13, 2022
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
8:05a BHS Performing Arts Center Basehor-Linwood Green Orchestra
Basehor-Linwood — Orchestra II
[4609] Fan Dance
Ocean Storm Vivaldi/Fritz
8:23a BHS Performing Arts Center Spring Hill HS Concert Orchestra
Spring Hill — Orchestra II
[1389] Dance of the Iscariot
Air & Dance - M. L. Daniels
8:35a BU Rice Auditorium Concert Choir
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas — Mixed Chorus II
[700] Pasture, The
Sanctus - Jean & Perry
8:41a BHS Performing Arts Center St. James Academy Orchestra
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Orchestra
[4663] Second Storm
Capriccio Espagnol, Rimsky-Korsakov / arr. Richard Meyer
8:50a BU Rice Auditorium Choir Foundations
De Soto — Mixed Chorus II
[4548] My Very Own
Thula Klizeo
8:59a BHS Performing Arts Center Basehor-Linwood Gold Orchestra
Basehor-Linwood — Orchestra
[3857] Twilight Ceremonial
Brigid's Fire - Bishop
9:05a BU Rice Auditorium Chamber Singers
Kansas City-Washington — Mixed Chorus
[236] Esto les Digo
[4290] Omnia Sol
Ave Verum Corpus - Mozart, WA (arr. Philip Legge)
9:17a BHS Performing Arts Center Spring Hill HS Chamber Orchestra
Spring Hill — Orchestra
[1697] Symphony No. 8 in G Major - Finale
Baltic Dance - Kirt N. Mosier
9:20a BU Rice Auditorium Bass Choir
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Tenor/Bass II
[4404] Jonah
I'm Bound Away - Arr. Patterson
9:35a BU Rice Auditorium Men's Ensemble
Kansas City-Turner — Tenor/Bass II
[4405] Vagabond, The
Ad Astra - Narverud
9:45a BHS Performing Arts Center Wyandotte HS Concert Band
Kansas City-Wyandotte — Band
[3639] Rough Riders
Train Heading West Movement ii - Timothy Broege
9:50a BU Rice Auditorium Tenor Bass Choir
Basehor-Linwood — Tenor/Bass
[185] Rosalee
A Trilogy of Knighthood - Julie Gardner Bray
10:03a BHS Performing Arts Center Bishop Miege Concert Band
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege — Band
[4624] Into the Clouds
Byzantine Dances - Carol Brittin Chambers
10:05a BU Rice Auditorium Vocal Thunder
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Tenor/Bass
[4208] Bound for Jubilee
Wayfaring Stranger arranged by O'Neil
10:21a BHS Performing Arts Center Washington HS Concert Band
Kansas City-Washington — Band
[4627] Korean Folk Rhapsody
Courage- Harold Bennett
10:35a BU Rice Auditorium Grace Notes
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Treble Choir II
[4590] Sigh No More, Ladies
Heart, We Will Forget Him! - Franell
10:39a BHS Performing Arts Center Basehor Linwood Symphonic Band
Basehor-Linwood — Band
[3610] Brighton Beach
Celtic Ritual - Higgins
10:50a BU Rice Auditorium Saintsations
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas — Treble Choir
[4542] Music Down in My Soul
Beau Soir - Debussy
10:57a BHS Performing Arts Center J.C. Harmon HS Symphonic Band
Kansas City-JC Harmon — Band
[3963] Coast Guards March
Rhythmania! - Carol Brittin Chambers
11:05a BU Rice Auditorium Thunderettes
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Treble Choir
[4634] Warrior
Artza Alinu arranged by Rentz
11:15a BHS Performing Arts Center F.L. Schlagle HS Concert Band
Kansas City-FL Schlagle — Band
[3626] Military Escort
Colliding Visions - Balmages
11:20a BU Rice Auditorium Cantrices
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege — Treble Choir
[4357] El cielo canta alegria
Auld Lang Syne - Campbell, Francis, Hannawalt
11:33a BHS Performing Arts Center Concert Band
Leavenworth — Band
[3512] Salvation Is Created
E Pluribus Unum, Jewell/Paynter
11:35a BU Rice Auditorium Treble Choir
Basehor-Linwood — Treble Choir
[883] Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
The Poet Sings- Z. Randall Stroope
11:50a BU Rice Auditorium Concert Choir
Baldwin — Mixed Chorus
[248] Gloria (from "Heiligmesse")
[613] Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal
The Rain of Leaves - Ruth Elaine Schram
11:51a BHS Performing Arts Center Bonner Springs HS Band
Bonner Springs — Band
[3533] Ammerland
Kinetic Dances - Standridge
12:50p BU Rice Auditorium Chamber Choir
Overland Park-St. Thomas Aquinas — Mixed Chorus
[4628] Veni Veni Emmanuel
[4575] Rejoice!
Ubi Caritas - Durufle
1:00p BHS Performing Arts Center Baldwin HS Symphonic Band
Baldwin — Band
[3938] Abracadabra
Pretty Saro - O'Neil
1:05p BU Rice Auditorium A Cappella Choir
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Mixed Chorus
[212] Black is the Color
[4320] Lacrimosa
Run, Mary Run arranged by Brian Tate
1:18p BHS Performing Arts Center Turner HS Concert Band
Kansas City-Turner — Band
[3971] Cumberland Cross
Pan American - King/Clark
1:20p BU Rice Auditorium Wildcat Chorale
De Soto — Mixed Chorus
[4308] Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly, The
[4380] De Profundis
The Old Mill
1:35p BU Rice Auditorium Bishop Miege Concert Chorale
Shawnee Mission-Bishop Miege — Mixed Chorus
[4434] Alleluia
[4557] O Love
Ching A Ring Chaw - Copland
1:36p BHS Performing Arts Center Sumner Academy Symphonic Band
Kansas City-Sumner Academy — Band
[3529] Yorkshire Ballad
[Gr.3] Sparks - Balmages
1:50p BU Rice Auditorium Mixed Chorus
Basehor-Linwood — Mixed Chorus
[700] Pasture, The
[322] Sicut locutus est
Lunar Lullaby - Jacob Narverud
1:54p BHS Performing Arts Center Eudora HS Concert Band
Eudora — Band
[2801] Concert Variations
2:05p BU Rice Auditorium Jag Chorale
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Mixed Chorus
[4467] Earth Song
[4194] Chindia
Modimo - Barrett
2:12p BHS Performing Arts Center St James Academy Concert Band
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Band II
[3604] Allied Honor
Into the Arctic, Brian Balmages
2:20p BU Rice Auditorium Chamber Singers
Kansas City-FL Schlagle — Mixed Chorus
[4510] Jambo
[4177] Prayer of St. Francis
Sisi Ni Moja (Navarud)
2:30p BHS Performing Arts Center Spring Hill High 3rd hour Band
Spring Hill — Band II
[2866] Of Dark Lords andAncient Kings
Reflections on an English Hymn - Strommen
2:48p BHS Performing Arts Center De Soto HS Symphonic Band
De Soto — Band II
[3624] March of the Roughnecks
Variations on a Shaped Note Tune - Vinson
2:50p BU Rice Auditorium Sumner Academy Unita delle voci
Kansas City-Sumner Academy — Treble Choir II
[827] Hotaru Koi (Ho, Firefly)
Sih'r Khalaq - Papoulis
3:05p BU Rice Auditorium Bel Canto
Kansas City-Turner — Treble Choir
[4482] High Flight
A Girl's Garden - Thompson
3:06p BHS Performing Arts Center Jaguar Concert Band
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Band II
[2832] Hymnsong Variants
3:20p BU Rice Auditorium Eudora HS Cantorei
Eudora — Treble Choir
[4267] Yo le Canto Todo el Dia
All Things Bright and Beautiful - Silvey
3:34p BHS Performing Arts Center St James Academy Wind Ensemble
Lenexa-St. James Academy — Band
[3973] Danse Bohemien
As Tears Fall On Dawn's New Light by Richard L. Saucedo
3:35p BU Rice Auditorium Treble Ensemble
Bonner Springs — Treble Choir
[4541] Mermaids Lament
Sigh No More Ladies - Ruth Morris Gray
3:50p BU Rice Auditorium Turner Chorale
Kansas City-Turner — Mixed Chorus
[4130] Soon-Ah Will Be Done
[700] Pasture, The
The Old Mill - Riggs
3:52p BHS Performing Arts Center Spring Hill High 1st hour select band
Spring Hill — Band
[3322] Variations on a Korean Folk Song
My Old Kentucky Home - Barnes
4:05p BU Rice Auditorium Sumner Academy Chorale
Kansas City-Sumner Academy — Mixed Chorus
[588] E'en so, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come
[544] Adijo, Kerida (Farewell, Beloved)
Hope Lingers On - Ramsey
4:10p BHS Performing Arts Center Jaguar Symphonic Band
Shawnee-Mill Valley — Band
[3713] Zacatecas-Mexican March
The Hexagon
4:20p BU Rice Auditorium Eudora HS Primo Voci
Eudora — Mixed Chorus
[4288] I Will Arise and Make Music
[4532] Like a River in My Soul
Gravitas - Narverud
4:28p BHS Performing Arts Center De Soto HS Wind Ensemble
De Soto — Band
[3287] Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta"
Amazing Grace - Ticheli
Festival Performance Locations
BHS - Baldwin High School
BU - Baker University