KSHSAA Music Festival - 2023 State Large Group
Buhler High School - Wed. - Apr. 19, 2023
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
7:45a 8:00a BHS Old Gym Central Christian HS Choir
Hutchinson-Central Christian — Mixed Chorus
[198] All Earth, Sing, Rejoice
We Can See the Stars
7:40a 8:00a BHS Auditorium Buhler HS Symphonic Band
Buhler — Band II
[4034] Prestissimo
Ruckus - Standridge
8:00a 8:15a BHS Old Gym Garden Plain Chorus
Garden Plain — Treble Choir
[4852] I Will Sing You the Stars
Come to Me, O My Love - Parker, A
8:00a 8:20a BHS Auditorium Buhler HS Wind Ensemble
Buhler — Band
[4076] Whip and Spur Galop
The Nine - Standridge
8:15a 8:30a BHS Old Gym Remington Singers
Whitewater-Remington — Mixed Chorus
[4163] Gentle Annie
Storm is Passing Over, The - Arr. Baker
8:20a 8:40a BHS Auditorium Peabody-Burns Concert Band
Peabody-Burns — Band
[3525] When the Stars Began to Fall
Black Tower Overture
8:30a 8:45a BHS Old Gym Chorale
Haven — Mixed Chorus
[4841] For This Joy
The Morning Trumpet - Timothy Paul Banks
8:45a 9:00a BHS Old Gym Adv. Choir
Cheney — Mixed Chorus
[223] Come to the Music
When the Trumpet Sounds - Thomas
8:40p 9:00a BHS Auditorium Sedgwick Concert Band
Sedgwick — Band
[2657] Black Wolf Run
2712 - [Gr. 2] - Monmouth Overture - Sweeney
9:00a 9:15a BHS Old Gym Berean Singers
Elbing-Berean Academy — Mixed Chorus
[307] Praise to the Lord
Adoramus Te - Palestrina
9:00a 9:20a BHS Auditorium Halstead HS Band
Halstead — Band
[2772] Aventura
Lexington March by Karl King arr. by Swearingen
9:15a 9:30a BHS Old Gym Intermediate Girls
Cheney — Treble Choir
[4904] Wide Open Spaces
The Poet Sings - Stroope
9:20a 9:40a BHS Auditorium Concert Band
Garden Plain — Band
[4626] Kentucky 1800
[Gr. 2.5] - Pevensey Castle- Sheldon
9:30a 9:45a BHS Old Gym BHS Treble Choir
Buhler — Treble Choir
[4115] Lake Isle Of Innisfree, The
Dance On My Heart – Koepke
9:45a 10:00a BHS Old Gym Rose Hill HS Rocketaires
Rose Hill — Mixed Chorus
[4123] Afternoon On A Hill
[1009] Elijah Rock
Nyon Nyon
9:40a 10:00a BHS Auditorium Bronco Band
Whitewater-Remington — Band
[4525] "March" from the 1st Suite in Eb, Mvt. III
Two Movements from "Lincolnshire Posy" by Percy Aldridge Grainger, arr. by Michael Sweeney
10:00a 10:15a BHS Old Gym BHS Varsity Choir
Buhler — Mixed Chorus
[744] Tambur
[622] How Can I Keep from Singing?
David's Lamentation - Billing
10:00a 10:20a BHS Auditorium Hesston HS Concert Band
Hesston — Band
[3644] Washington Post March, The
In These Last Days of Autumn - Standridge
10:15p 10:30a BHS Old Gym Concert Choir Tenor-Bass Choir
Goddard — Tenor/Bass
[4121] Stars I Shall Find
Come Travel With Me
10:20a 10:40a BHS Auditorium Haven Concert Band
Haven — Band
[4693] Third Suite
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Standridge
10:30a 10:45a BHS Old Gym BHS Tenor/Bass Choir
Buhler — Tenor/Bass
[189] When Good Men Sing
Alleluia – Bach
10:45a 11:00a BHS Old Gym Concert Choir Treble Choir
Goddard — Treble Choir
[4601] Song of Miriam
Hold Fast to Dreams
10:40a 11:00a BHS Auditorium Concert Band
Elbing-Berean Academy — Band
[2765] American Riversongs
Appalachian Air - Brown
11:00a 11:15a BHS Old Gym Trinity Academy Concert choir
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Mixed Chorus II
[238] Festival Sanctus
We Are Held - LaBarr/Wilson
11:00a 11:20a BHS Auditorium Wichita Collegiate Upper School Concert Band
Wichita-Collegiate — Band
[2836] Into The Storm
Sea Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams
11:15a 11:30a BHS Old Gym Concert Choir
Goddard — Mixed Chorus
[4797] Sing Out My Soul
[4467] Earth Song
Laetatus Sum - Haydn
11:20a 11:40a BHS Auditorium Cheney HS Band
Cheney — Band
[3609] Bonds of Unity
Rhythm of the Spheres - Erik Morales
11:30a 11:45a BHS Old Gym Trinity Academy Madrigals
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Mixed Chorus
[4428] Abendlied
[4344] Ride On King Jesus
Sing Unto God - Handel
12:30p 12:45p BHS Old Gym Andover Central HS Treble Choir
Andover-Central — Treble Choir II
[4824] Where the Light Begins
4590 - [Gr. 2] - Sigh No More Ladies - Gray
12:45p 1:00p BHS Old Gym Andover Madrigal Singers
Andover — Mixed Chorus
[4125] I Am Not Yours
[1001] Daemon irrepit callidus
774 - [Gr. 3] - Verbum caro factum est - Hassler
12:40p 1:00p BHS Auditorium Andale HS Concert Band
Andale — Band
[3963] Coast Guards March
Byzantine Dances - Carol Britten Chambers
1:00p 1:15p BHS Old Gym Andover Central HS Chorale
Andover-Central — Mixed Chorus
[4309] Dance for Love
[744] Tambur
4308 [Gr. 3] - The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly - Shrank, J.
1:00p 1:20p BHS Auditorium Trinity Academy Knight Noise Wind Ensemble
Wichita-Trinity Academy — Band
[3512] Salvation Is Created
Mars from the Planets, - Holst, arr. Owens
1:15p 1:30p BHS Old Gym Hesston High TB Choir
Hesston — Tenor/Bass
[958] Three Chanteys 2. Away to Rio
Poor Wayfaring Stranger by Victor Johnson
1:20p 1:40p BHS Auditorium Rose Hill Concert Band
Rose Hill — Band
[2955] Cenotaph
Salvation Is Created - Tschesnokoff/arr. Houseknecht
1:30p 1:45p BHS Old Gym Tenor/ Bass
Halstead — Tenor/Bass
[4496] I'm Bound Away
Irish Girl- Stuart O'Neil
1:45p 2:00p BHS Old Gym Hesston High Treble Choir
Hesston — Treble Choir
[4541] Mermaids Lament
Rise Up, My Love by Eleanor Daley
1:40p 2:00p BHS Auditorium Circle HS Concert Band
Towanda-Circle — Band
[4070] Torrents Of Fire
Home on the Range - Chance/Barnes
2:00p 2:15p BHS Old Gym Soprano Alto
Halstead — Treble Choir
[439] Speak to the Child of Love
Mermaid's Lament- Martin
2:00p 2:20p BHS Auditorium ACHS Symphonic Band
Andover-Central — Band
[3686] Radetzky March
Pulse by Randall Standridge
2:15p 2:30p BHS Old Gym Hesston High Chorale
Hesston — Mixed Chorus
[4840] Elijah Rock
Red, Red Rose by James Mulholland
2:20p 2:40p BHS Auditorium Goddard HS Orchestra
Goddard — Orchestra
[1780] Legend
2:30p 2:45p BHS Old Gym Halstead Mixed Chorus
Halstead — Mixed Chorus
[781] Ye Followers of the Lamb
Hold Fast To Dreams- LaBarr
2:45p 3:00p BHS Old Gym AHS Treble Choir
Andale — Treble Choir
[462] Weep No More
A Girl's Garden- Randall Thompson
2:40p 3:00p BHS Auditorium Andover HS Concert Band
Andover — Band II
[3527] With Each Sunset
The Adventure Begins - Matt Conaway
3:00p 3:15p BHS Old Gym WCS Madrigal Singers
Wichita-Collegiate — Mixed Chorus II
[236] Esto les Digo
Je le vous Dirai - Certon
3:00p 3:20p BHS Auditorium Goddard HS Symphonic Band
Goddard — Band
[3530] Heaven's Light
Scramble by Todd Stalter
3:15p 3:30p BHS Old Gym Tenor/Bass Choir
Andale — Tenor/Bass
[521] Ride the Chariot
472 - [Gr. 2] - Be Thou My Vision - Hunter
3:20p 3:40p BHS Auditorium Andover HS Symphonic Band
Andover — Band
[3287] Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta"
Dusk - Steven Bryant
3:30p 3:45p BHS Old Gym Circle Mixed Chorus
Towanda-Circle — Mixed Chorus II
[4589] Shut De Do
Et In Terra Pax - Lightfoot
3:45p 4:00p BHS Old Gym WCS Dynamics (freshman/sophomore) Choir
Wichita-Collegiate — Mixed Chorus II
[5] Ave verum
Witness - Emerson
4:00p 4:15p BHS Old Gym Concert Choir
Andale — Mixed Chorus
[785] Zion's Walls
[4286] Hold Fast to Dreams
[Gr. 3] - Anyway - Spevacek, L.
4:15p 4:30p BHS Old Gym Acapella Choir
Towanda-Circle — Mixed Chorus
[600] Flower of Beauty
[4795] Sing Gently
Il est Bel et Bon Passereau
4:30p 4:45p BHS Old Gym WCS Festival Chorus
Wichita-Collegiate — Mixed Chorus
[223] Come to the Music
Sing Me to Heaven - Gawthrop
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