KSHSAA Music Festival - 2022 State Large Group
Concordia High School - Wed. - Apr. 13, 2022
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
7:40a 8:00a CHS Aud Auditorium Pike Valley HS Band
Scandia-Pike Valley — Band
[3454] Arioso
Adrenaline Engines by Randall D. Standridge
8:00a 8:20a CHS Aud Auditorium Minneapolis Concert Band
Minneapolis — Band
[2809] Devil Dance
Where the Black Hawk Soars by Robert W. Smith
8:20a 8:40a CHS Aud Auditorium Bennington HS Band
Bennington — Band
[2814] Encanto
On A Hymnsong of Philip Bliss by David Holsinger
8:40a 9:00a CHS Aud Auditorium Washington Co. Band
Washington Co. — Band
[2659] Blue Ridge Overture
Under an Irish Sky-by Neeck
9:00a 9:20a CHS Aud Auditorium Frankfort HS Band
Frankfort — Band
[2712] Monmouth Overture
Northpointe Fantasy -Sweringen
9:20a 9:40a CHS Aud Auditorium Brookville Ell-Saline HS Band
Brookville-Ell-Saline — Band
[4571] Darklands March
Kentucky 1800 by Clare Grundman
9:45a 10:00a BG Brown Grand Pike Valley HS Choir
Scandia-Pike Valley — Mixed Chorus
[18] Down by the Sally Gardens
Nine Hundred Miles arr. Roger Emerson
10:00a 10:15a BG Brown Grand Bennington Mixed Choir
Bennington — Mixed Chorus
[4563] Old Mill, The
Witness - Halloran
10:00a 10:20a CHS Aud Auditorium Osborne JR/SR High Concert Band
Osborne — Band
[4251] Song of Hope, A
Blue Ridge Overture by Erickson
10:15a 10:30a BG Brown Grand Concert Choir
Minneapolis — Mixed Chorus
[718] Sing a Mighty Song
Festival Exsultate by Andy Beck
10:20a 10:40a CHS Aud Auditorium Hanover 8-12 Band
Hanover — Band
[4460] Ash Lawn Echoes
2649 - [Gr. 2] - American Folk Festival - McGinty
10:30a 10:45a BG Brown Grand Washington Co. Chorus
Washington Co. — Mixed Chorus
[282] Lord, I Call to You
Who Will Be a Witness?-Donald Moore
10:45a 11:00a BG Brown Grand Frankfort HS Choir
Frankfort — Mixed Chorus
[38] Homeward Bound
Hush! Somebody's Callin' My Name -Dennard
10:40a 11:00a CHS Aud Auditorium Linn 7-12 Band
Linn — Band
[4677] Spania
Cumberland Cross Strommen
11:00a 11:15a BG Brown Grand Ellsworth HS Choir
Ellsworth — Mixed Chorus
There Will Come Soft Rains- Ruth Morris Gray
11:00a 11:20a CHS Aud Auditorium Lakeside HS Band
Downs-Lakeside — Band
[3445] Childhood Hymn, A
Dominion by Randall Standridge
11:15a 11:30a BG Brown Grand Brookville Ell-Saline HS Choir
Brookville-Ell-Saline — Mixed Chorus
[274] Inscription of Hope
11:20a 11:40a CHS Aud Auditorium Thunder Ridge HS
Kensington-Thunder Ridge — Band
[4040] Rites of Tamburo
Winchester March - John Edmondson
11:30a 11:45a BG Brown Grand Concert Choir
Riley Co. — Mixed Chorus
[4102] Cantate Domino
The Old Mill - Kenneth Riggs
12:45p 1:00p BG Brown Grand Treble Choir
St. George-Rock Creek — Treble Choir
[883] Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
The Poet Sings - Stroope
12:40p 1:00p CHS Aud Auditorium Beloit HS String Orchestra
Beloit — Orchestra
[1668] Sinfonia in D, Op. 18 No. 1
Ani Ma'amin, Traditional Jewish Folksong, arr. John Leavitt
1:00p 1:15p BG Brown Grand Marysville Chorus Line
Marysville — Mixed Chorus
[4271] Dominus Vobiscum
Lift Your Voice and Rejoice!
1:00p 1:20p CHS Aud Auditorium Combined Concert Band
Randolph-Blue Valley — Band
[4250] Song for Friends, A
Appomattox March
1:15p 1:30p BG Brown Grand Chamber Choir
Concordia — Mixed Chorus
[228] Dona nobis pacem
[4283] Glow
Great Day by Don Hart
1:20p 1:40p CHS Aud Auditorium Valley Hts. HS Band
Blue Rapids-Valley Heights — Band
[2668] Chesford Portrait
Loch Lomond - JaRod Hall
1:30p 1:45p BG Brown Grand Clay Center Comm. Mixed Chorus
Clay Center Comm. — Mixed Chorus
[228] Dona nobis pacem
[231] Earth Adorned, The
O Love
1:45p 2:00p BG Brown Grand Wamego Choir
Wamego — Mixed Chorus
[241] For the Beauty of the Earth
[4181] Cantar!
Dona Nobis Pacem- Mozart K. 139
1:40p 2:00p CHS Aud Auditorium Riley Co. Concert Band
Riley Co. — Band
[4438] Rippling Watercolors
Fate of the Gods, Steven Reineke
2:00p 2:15p BG Brown Grand Mustang Chorale
St. George-Rock Creek — Mixed Chorus
[622] How Can I Keep from Singing?
[4281] Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
Ubi Caritas - Gjeilo, O
2:00p 2:20p CHS Aud Auditorium Republic Co. HS Concert Band
Belleville-Republic Co. — Band
[3944] Amazing Grace
[Gr. 2] Espana Cani - Michael Story, arr.
2:20p 2:40p CHS Aud Auditorium Beloit HS Concert Band
Beloit — Band
[4071] Trail of Tears
2998 - (Gr. 4) - Festivo - Nelhybel
3:00p 3:20p CHS Aud Auditorium Marysville HS Band
Marysville — Band
[3527] With Each Sunset
Amazonia-Chad Taylor
3:20p 3:40p CHS Aud Auditorium CCCHS Tiger Band
Clay Center Comm. — Band
[4716] Winter Milky Way
Courage March, Bennet
3:40p 4:00p CHS Aud Auditorium Wamego HS Band
Wamego — Band
[3026] Lord of the Rings
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - Holsinger
4:00p 4:20p CHS Aud Auditorium Rock Creek HS Concert Band
St. George-Rock Creek — Band
[2839] Invicta
Celtic Voyage - Donahue
4:20p 4:40p CHS Aud Auditorium Concordia HS Concert Band
Concordia — Band
[4504] Urban Dances
Clouds that Sail in Heaven - Stalter
Festival Performance Locations
CHS - Concordia High School
BG - Brown Grand