KSHSAA Music Festival - 2023 State Large Group
Beloit High School - Wed. - Apr. 19, 2023
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
8:00a 8:20a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Osborne JR/SR High Concert Band
Osborne — Band
[3471] Silver Creek
Excalibur by Swearingen
8:20a 8:40a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Wakefield Jr/Sr High Concert Band
Wakefield — Band
[3472] Red Balloon, The
Aztec Fire - Jay Bocook
8:30a 8:45a BMB Performance Area Gym Pike Valley HS Choir
Scandia-Pike Valley — Mixed Chorus
[38] Homeward Bound
Something Told the Wild Geese Sherri Porterfield
8:45a 9:00a BMB Performance Area Gym HS Mixed Choir
Bennington — Mixed Chorus
[241] For the Beauty of the Earth
Gaudeamus Hodie - Rentz
8:40a 9:00a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Thunder Ridge HS Band
Kensington-Thunder Ridge — Band
[3445] Childhood Hymn, A
Byzantine Dances - Carol Britten Chambers
9:00a 9:15a BMB Performance Area Gym Ell-Saline HS Choir
Brookville-Ell-Saline — Mixed Chorus
[4086] Jubilate, Alleluia
In The Dark of Midnight-Beck
9:00a 9:20a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Blue Valley Rams
Randolph-Blue Valley — Band
9:15a 9:30a BMB Performance Area Gym Washington Co. Girls Chorus
Washington Co. — Treble Choir
[4209] When I Think of You
In the Highlands by Eugene Butler
9:20a 9:40a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Hanover Jr/Sr HS
Hanover — Band
[4607] Forge of Vulcan, The
Amberwood Overture, Anne McGinty
9:30a 9:45a BMB Performance Area Gym Wakefield Choir
Wakefield — Mixed Chorus
[4081] And This Shall Be For Music
Brighten My Soul With Sunshine - Eilers
10:00a 10:15a BMB Performance Area Gym Washington Co. Mixed Chorus
Washington Co. — Mixed Chorus
[356] With Glad Hearts We Praise Thee
Hold Me Rock Me by Brian Tate
10:00a 10:20a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Bennington HS Band
Bennington — Band
[3971] Cumberland Cross
Spania - Shaffer
10:15a 10:30a BMB Performance Area Gym Hanover HS Treble Choir
Hanover — Treble Choir
[226] Danny Boy
Cross the Wide Missouri - Besig
10:20a 10:40a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Ell-Saline HS Concert Band
Brookville-Ell-Saline — Band
[2789] Canto
Shadow Mountain- Frank Erickson
10:30a 10:45a BMB Performance Area Gym BHS Singers
Beloit — Mixed Chorus
[226] Danny Boy
Cantate Domino - Pitoni - Ed. Norman Greyson
10:45a 11:00a BMB Performance Area Gym Concert Choir
Minneapolis — Mixed Chorus
[203] And the Father Will Dance
Musica Dei - Ruth Morris Gray
10:40a 11:00a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Valley Hts. HS Wind Ensemble
Blue Rapids-Valley Heights — Band
[4541] Black Forest Overture
Song of Hope - Swearingen
11:00a 11:15a BMB Performance Area Gym Ellsworth Choir
Ellsworth — Mixed Chorus
[4523] Kyrie
Cangia, Cangia Tue Voglie
11:20a 11:40a BHS Lecture Arena Commons Washington Co. Band
Washington Co. — Band
[3446] Air for Band
Bridgeview Overture by Huckeby
12:45p 1:00p BMB Performance Area Gym Concert Choir
Riley Co. — Mixed Chorus
[4286] Hold Fast to Dreams
Dies Irae - Ryan Main
12:40p 1:00p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Beloit HS Orchestra
Beloit — Orchestra
[1679] Sonata No. 9, The Golden Sonata
1691 - [Gr. 4] Symphony No. 1 in D Major, mvt. 2 - Mahler, G./Dackow, S.
1:00p 1:15p BMB Performance Area Gym Chamber Choir
Concordia — Mixed Chorus
[236] Esto les Digo
[302] O Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice
The Dream Keeper by Rollo A. Dilworth
1:00p 1:20p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Marysville HS Band
Marysville — Band
[3529] Yorkshire Ballad
Brighton Beach - Latham
1:15p 1:30p BMB Performance Area Gym Rock Creek Treble Choir
St. George-Rock Creek — Treble Choir
[4742] Flight
Niska Banja - Page
1:30p 1:45p BMB Performance Area Gym Clay Center Comm. HS Mixed Choir
Clay Center Comm. — Mixed Chorus
[4831] Ad Astra (To the Stars...)
[4734] Circa Mea
The Awakening
1:40p 2:00p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Riley Co. Concert Band
Riley Co. — Band
[3446] Air for Band
Into the Clouds- Saucedo
2:00p 2:15p BMB Performance Area Gym Wamego Choir
Wamego — Mixed Chorus
[4734] Circa Mea
[248] Gloria (from "Heiligmesse")
An Irish Blessing- Lightfoot
2:30p 2:45p BMB Performance Area Gym Rock Creek Mustang Chorale
St. George-Rock Creek — Mixed Chorus
[784] Zigeunerleben
[236] Esto les Digo
For the Beauty of the Earth - Rutter
2:25p 2:45p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Beloit HS Concert Band
Beloit — Band
[3157] Chorale and Allegro
Brookshire Suite - James Barnes
2:45p 3:00p BMB Performance Area Gym Marysville HS Choir
Marysville — Mixed Chorus
[4880] Road Home, The
Alleluia - Miller
2:45p 3:05p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Concordia Concert Band
Concordia — Band
[2835] Incantations
Rough Riders - King/Swearingen
3:05p 3:25p BHS Lecture Arena Commons CCCHS Tiger Band
Clay Center Comm. — Band
[2860] Moscow, 1941
March from Suite in Eb - G. Holst/arr. Scott Stanton (flex)
3:25p 3:45p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Wamego HS Band
Wamego — Band
[3003] God of Our Fathers
3:45p 4:05p BHS Lecture Arena Commons Rock Creek HS Concert Band
St. George-Rock Creek — Band
[3456] Balladair
Night Chase - Wilson
Festival Performance Locations
BHS - Beloit High School
BMB - Beloit Municipal Building