KSHSAA Music Festival - 2023 State Large Group
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley High School - Wed. - Apr. 19, 2023
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W/U Perf. Performance Room EntryRepertoireRating
7:45a 8:00a SVHS Media Center Sterling Boys Glee
Sterling — Tenor/Bass
[4458] Cover Me with the Night
7:40a 8:00a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Hillsboro Band
Hillsboro — Band
[2665] Cayuga Lake Overture
Two Norwegian Folk Dances - Erickson
8:00a 8:15a SVHS Media Center Sacred Heart Choir
Salina-Sacred Heart — Mixed Chorus
[4564] Old Mill, The
Festival Hosanna - Lightfoot
8:00a 8:20a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Smoky Valley HS Orchestra
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley — Orchestra
[1382] Contrasts in E Minor
Suite for Strings, II. Song - Washburn
8:15a 8:30a SVHS Media Center Inman HS Choir
Inman — Mixed Chorus
[238] Festival Sanctus
It Is Well
8:20a 8:40a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Concert Band
Lyons — Band
[4663] Roaring Run
The American Way March - King/Swearingen
8:30a 8:45a SVHS Media Center Sterling Girls Glee
Sterling — Treble Choir
[4134] Bartered Bride Opening Chorus (to be sung in Czech)
Fire Dance of Luna - Lim
8:45a 9:00a SVHS Media Center Marion HS
Marion — Mixed Chorus
[360] All Ye Who Music Love
O Love
8:40a 9:00a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Smoky Valley HS Full Orchestra
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley — Orchestra
[2120] Russian Chorale and Overture
Warrior Legacy - Newbold
9:00a 9:15a SVHS Media Center Moundridge HS Mixed Chorus
Moundridge — Mixed Chorus
[4172] There is Nothing Like the Sun
Dona Nobis Pacem
9:00a 9:20a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Southeast of Saline HS Band
Gypsum-Southeast of Saline — Band
[3529] Yorkshire Ballad
Quad City Stomp - Michael Sweeney
9:15a 9:30a SVHS Media Center Sterling HS Mixed Chorus
Sterling — Mixed Chorus
[4123] Afternoon On A Hill
Your Soul Is Song - Jake Runestad
9:20a 9:40a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Smoky Valley Concert Band
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley — Band
[2816] Exaltation
Last Spring - Greig / Curnow
9:40a 9:55a SVHS Media Center Chapman HS Combined Women
Chapman — Treble Choir
[4559] O Love
Go Where I Send Thee arr. by Caldwell and Ivory
9:55a 10:10a SVHS Media Center MHS Select Women's Choir
McPherson — Treble Choir
[4746] Gift to Sing, The
What Happens When A Woman - Olsavsky, Alexandra
9:50a 10:10a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Marion HS Band
Marion — Band
[2666] Celtic Air and Dance
Medal of Freedom
10:10a 10:25a SVHS Media Center Concert Choir
Nickerson — Mixed Chorus
[4835] City Called Heaven
[4595] Sing On! Dance On!
De Profundis - Russell Robinson
10:10a 10:30a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Inman Concert Band
Inman — Band
[2700] Kentucky 1800
John Williams Trilogy - John Williams
10:25a 10:40a SVHS Media Center Abilene HS Mass Choir
Abilene — Mixed Chorus
[4105] Lake Isle Of Innisfree, The
[4734] Circa Mea
O Bone Jesu
10:30a 10:50a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Sacred Heart HS Band
Salina-Sacred Heart — Band
[2836] Into The Storm
10:40a 10:55a SVHS Media Center MHS Mixed Choir
McPherson — Mixed Chorus
[4571] Pilgrims' Hymn
[222] Cloths of Heaven, The
Joshua - Dilworth, Rollo
10:55a 11:10a SVHS Media Center Chapman HS Combined Men
Chapman — Tenor/Bass
[542] Who are the Brave?
Praise His Holy Name by Keith Hampton
10:50a 11:10a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Moundridge HS Band
Moundridge — Band
[3995] Into The Clouds
11:10a 11:25a SVHS Media Center MHS Concert Choir
McPherson — Mixed Chorus II
[4157] From an Irish Cabin
Hold On - Johnson, Victor C
11:10a 11:30a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Sterling HS Concert Band
Sterling — Band
[2773] Awakening Hills
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing arr. by Standridge
11:25a 11:40a SVHS Media Center Smoky Valley Fr. Chorus
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley — Mixed Chorus II
[4290] Omnia Sol
My Good Lord's Done Been Here
11:30p 11:50a SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Goessel HS Concert Band
Goessel — Band
[4471] In Tantum Lux
Choose Joy
11:40a 11:55a SVHS Media Center Southeast of Saline Fr. Choir
Gypsum-Southeast of Saline — Mixed Chorus II
[4909] Cantate Domino
Shoshone Love Song - Roger Emerson
12:55p 1:10p SVHS Media Center Hillsboro Men's Glee
Hillsboro — Tenor/Bass
[514] O Mistress Mine
Swing Down, Chariot! - Gilpin
12:50p 1:10p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Elyria Christian HS Band
McPherson-Elyria Christian — Band
[3529] Yorkshire Ballad
Black Tower Overture by Kaisershot
1:10p 1:25p SVHS Media Center Lyons HS Concert Choir
Lyons — Mixed Chorus
[248] Gloria (from "Heiligmesse")
Come Follow Me by Price and Besig Alfred Publishing
1:10p 1:30p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Canton-Galva Concert Band
Canton-Galva — Band
[4710] Valdres
And it Begins - Woodrow
1:25p 1:40p SVHS Media Center Hillsboro Women's Glee
Hillsboro — Treble Choir
[1135] Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser
The Seal Lullaby - Whitacre
1:30p 1:50p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium MHS Concert Band
McPherson — Band II
[2781] Bluegrass Moments
Shimmering Joy - Grant
1:40p 1:55p SVHS Media Center Southeast of Saline Concert Choir
Gypsum-Southeast of Saline — Mixed Chorus
[4105] Lake Isle Of Innisfree, The
No Need to Knock! - Sally K. Albrecht
1:55p 2:10p SVHS Media Center Smoky Valley Concert Choir
Lindsborg-Smoky Valley — Mixed Chorus
[743] Sure on this Shining Night
Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal
1:50p 2:10p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Nickerson HS Concert Band
Nickerson — Band
[3525] When the Stars Began to Fall
Rampage! - Stalter
2:10p 2:25p SVHS Media Center Hillsboro Concert Choir
Hillsboro — Mixed Chorus
[760] Tutto lo di mi dici
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind - Pottle
2:10p 2:30p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium McPherson HS Orchestra
McPherson — Orchestra
[4564] After the Rain
Steampunk - Richard Meyer
2:25p 2:40p SVHS Media Center Goessel HS Men's Choir
Goessel — Tenor/Bass
[4458] Cover Me with the Night
I'm Bound Away
2:30p 2:50p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium Chapman HS Band
Chapman — Band
[4436] Lullaby to the Moon
Mambo Cubano
2:40p 2:55p SVHS Media Center Canton-Galva Choir
Canton-Galva — Mixed Chorus
[4564] Old Mill, The
Bound for the Promised Land - Miller
2:55p 3:10p SVHS Media Center Goessel HS Women's Choir
Goessel — Treble Choir
[4355] Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
The Bouquet
2:50p 3:10p SVMS A.J. Steinberg Auditorium MHS Wind Ensemble
McPherson — Band
[3552] Lux Aurumque
3:10p 3:25p SVHS Media Center Elyria Christian HS Choir
McPherson-Elyria Christian — Mixed Chorus
[4834] Bend
Soli Deo Gloria arr. Mark Hayes
3:25p 3:40p SVHS Media Center Goessel HS Choir
Goessel — Mixed Chorus
[4841] For This Joy
Festival Performance Locations
SVMS - Smoky Valley Middle School
SVHS - Smoky Valley High School
SVMS - Smoky Valley Middle School
SVHS - Smoky Valley High School